Toprose -Rose and Shrub food

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With a little care, roses can be encouraged to last for many years creating elegant blooms and beautiful scents. To get the best from your roses, a successful care involves applying a specialised rose food that contains well balanced nutrients. Toprose - Britain's best-selling granular rose food - is ideal for your plants. In addition to the essentials Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash, Toprose also contains Iron and Magnesium to guard against nutrient deficiency and prevent premature leaf drop and discolouring. It is easy to apply, simply sprinkle around roses and shrubs to increase root development and encourage nutrient absorption.

The perfect balance of nutrients for bright and beautiful roses and shrubs.
Contains long-lasting nitrogen for balanced growth.
Iron and magnesium promote intensely coloured blooms and guard against premature leaf drop.

Available sizes: 1 kg